RBAutoPlaylistSource — automatic playlist source, based on a database query
RBBrowserSource — base class for sources that include genre/artist/album browsers
RBDisplayPage — base class for items that appear in the display page tree
RBDisplayPageGroup — Display page grouping
RBDisplayPageModel — models backing the display page tree
RBDisplayPageTree — widget displaying the tree of RBDisplayPage instances
RBImportErrorsSource — source for displaying import errors
RBLibrarySource — main library source, containing all local songs
RBMissingFilesSource — source displaying files missing from the library
RBPlayQueueSource — source object for the play queue
RBPlaylistSource — Base class for playlist sources
RBSource — base class for sources
RBStaticPlaylistSource — Manually defined playlist class
RBStreamingSource — Base class for streaming sources such as internet radio
RBDeviceSource — interface for sources based on physical devices
RBTransferTarget — interface for sources that can receive track transfers