Part II. Tepl API Reference

Table of Contents

Tepl Initialization and Finalization
TeplAbstractFactory — Abstract factory singleton class
TeplApplication — An extension of GtkApplication
TeplApplicationWindow — An extension of GtkApplicationWindow
TeplTabGroup — Interface for a group of TeplTab's
TeplNotebook — Subclass of GtkNotebook implementing the TeplTabGroup interface
TeplTab — Contains a TeplView and GtkInfoBars
TeplTabLabel — A TeplTab label, to use with GtkNotebook
TeplView — Subclass of GtkSourceView
TeplBuffer — Subclass of GtkSourceBuffer
TeplMenuShellGtkMenuShell functions
File Loading and Saving
TeplEncoding — Character encoding
TeplFile — On-disk representation of a TeplBuffer
TeplFileLoader — Load a file into a TeplBuffer
TeplFileSaver — Save a TeplBuffer into a file
TeplFileMetadata — File metadata
TeplMetadataManager — Metadata support on platforms that don't support GVfs metadata
Code Folding
TeplFoldRegion — Foldable region in a GtkTextBuffer
TeplGutterRendererFolds — Basic gutter renderer for code folding
TeplAbstractFactoryValaTeplAbstractFactory subclass to work-around Vala bugs
TeplInfoBar — Subclass of GtkInfoBar
TeplIter — GtkTextIter utility functions
TeplUtils — Utility functions