Spin Buttons#

../../_images/spin-button.png ../../_images/spin-button-dark.png

A spin button is a text field that accepts a range of values, with buttons that allow the value to be increased or decreased by a fixed amount.

Only use a spin button when the exact numeric value is meaningful or useful. If this isn’t the case, a slider might be a better choice.

General Guidelines#

  • Label the spin button using sentence capitalization. Provide an access key in the label that allows the user to give focus directly to the spin box.

  • Right-justify the content of spin boxes, unless the convention in the user’s locale demands otherwise. This allows comparison between numeric values when controls are arranged in columns.

  • A spin button can be linked with a slider. However, this should only be done when:
    • It is useful to provide both approximate control and specification of exact values.

    • Immediate feedback for changes in the spin box’s value is possible.

    • It is useful for the user to control the rate of change of the value in real time.

API Reference#