The following guidelines provide recommendations for programmers who are using and contributing to the GNOME platform. The following guidelines are available:

  • Programming: reviews GNOME coding style and best practices for memory management, namespacing, GObject Introspection, and more.

  • Accessibility: guidelines on creating accessible apps and software.

  • Localization: standard practices for making software that can be used across languages and locales.

  • Maintainer: recommended practice for GNOME module maintainers.

  • Developer documentation style: the documentation style guidelines for GNOME platform components.

See also

The GNOME Human Interface Guidelines can be found in their own website.

Many of these guidelines are most applicable to developers who are contributing to the GNOME project, and will help them to write code which is legible and maintainable over a long period of time by a diverse team of contributors. However, some of the guidelines have more general relevance and are useful to those who are using the GNOME platform to create software of their own.